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1. Auto parts industry:

  In the manufacturing process of auto parts, such as crankshaft, valve body, piston ring, oil needle, oil needle body, ball cage universal joint, grease nozzle oil pump, etc., diamond correction pen is widely used in the dressing of grinding wheels to ensure machining accuracy and efficiency.

2. Gear industry:

  In gear machining, such as double-piece single cone, single piece double cone, gear tooth top, full tooth surface, etc., the diamond correction pen also plays an important role to help restore the original shape of the grinding wheel and improve the machining accuracy.

3. Machine tool industry:

  Diamond correction pen also has a wide range of applications in the machine tool industry, such as guide rails, sliders, ball screws, etc., all need to use diamond correction pens to trim grinding wheels.

4. Bearing industry:

  In the processing of ball bearing grooves, linear rail pairs, tapered bearings, column bearing channels, textile bearings, etc., the diamond correction pen can effectively eliminate the wear and unevenness of the grinding wheel and improve the machining accuracy.

5. Measuring and cutting tools industry:

Diamond correction pens also play a key role in the manufacturing process of calipers, drills, saw blades, milling cutter grooving and cutting edges, tap threads, etc.

6. Light industry:

  In the manufacture of products such as refrigerator compressors, bicycle bottom shafts, etc., diamond correction pens are also used for the dressing of grinding wheels.

7. Hydraulic industry:

  In the processing of plunger pump connecting rods and other products, diamond correction pens also play an important role.

8. Aerospace industry:

  In the processing of high-precision components such as turbine blades and blade tooth roots, the application of diamond correction pen can ensure machining accuracy and meet the high requirements of the aerospace field.

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