How to choose the perfect vacuum suction cup for you

October 31, 2023

  Vacuum suction cup, one of the vacuum equipment actuators, is a passive gripping tool that can be used to grab a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, paper, wood, etc. Vacuum suction cups can be divided into plastic type and metal type according to the material, ordinary type and long strip type according to the use, and round and square type according to the shape.


  In vacuum adsorption systems, vacuum suction cups are one of the most commonly used devices. The principle is to use a vacuum pump or vacuum generator to generate negative pressure to pump away the air in the suction cup, thereby forming a vacuum between the suction cup and the adsorbed object to generate adsorption force. Since the air in the suction cup is pumped away, the atmospheric pressure outside will press the suction cup tightly on the adsorbed object to achieve the purpose of grabbing the object.

  Vacuum cups have many advantages, such as no damage to the adsorbed object, can be used in a variety of environments, can be quickly installed and removed, etc. At the same time, vacuum suction cups also have some disadvantages, such as sensitivity to temperature and pressure, and influence on the atmospheric environment. In use, it is necessary to pay attention to safety to avoid damage to the suction cup and the adsorbed object.

  In short, vacuum suction cups are a very practical tool, which has a wide range of applications in production, life and scientific experiments.


  The main components of vacuum suction cups are: rubber plate, bracket and air cylinder.

  The rubber tray selected by our company is environmentally friendly natural rubber: non-toxic, non-polluting, good toughness without slipping, wear-resistant and non-cracking, long service life. High temperature resistance 60 degrees Celsius, low cold minus 20 degrees Celsius. Passed the European CE certification, reached the European A environmental protection standard.

  Inferior rubber: contains 28 carcinogens. The heavy metal content exceeds the standard, which is easy to cause a variety of skin diseases, easy to break, not durable, poor toughness, easy to slip, pungent taste, serious pollution.

Recycled rubber: contains 19 carcinogens. Small taste, easy to age, easy to deform and slip in case of high        temperature and low cold.

  Popular science trivia:

A simple way to identify rubber: the type of rubber can be preliminarily judged by smell. Natural rubber has a plant-like odor. The smell of synthetic rubber is more pungent, similar to the smell of chemicals.

Our company's suction cup bracket adopts 304 stainless steel, military welding technology, firm integration, not afraid of collision and air leakage, so that the handling has no worries.

The suction cup cylinders are tested to be pressed 100,000 times without damage.

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