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July 02, 2024

  In the industrial and home fields that pursue extreme efficiency and precision, a revolutionary tool is quietly leading the new trend of cutting technology-six-wheel knife. It is not just a knife, but also a synonym for precision and efficiency. It is specially made for you who pursue excellent quality.


Professional data, showing extraordinary strength

  The six-wheel knife, with its unique six-wheel design as the core, each wheel has undergone precise dynamic balance testing to ensure that it is still as stable as a rock under high-speed operation. Its blade is made of imported high-carbon steel with a hardness of up to HRC60, significantly improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and its service life is more than 30% longer than that of traditional knives. With its unique six-dimensional adjustment system, it can achieve fine adjustment of the cutting angle, with an accuracy control within ±0.05mm. Whether it is fine craft engraving or industrial-grade material cutting, it can be easily and perfectly presented.


Refine the characteristics and highlight the unique charm 

  Six-wheel stabilization system: The innovative six-wheel design effectively reduces vibration and improves the cutting stability. Even complex curves can be formed in one go without leaving any traces.

  High-carbon steel blade: Made of top-grade materials, sharp and durable, it can easily handle a variety of materials, from cork to hard plastic, from metal sheets to precision circuit boards.

  Intelligent adjustment mechanism: One-button six-dimensional adjustment, without cumbersome tools, can quickly adjust to the best cutting state to meet diverse needs.

  Ergonomic handle: Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, no fatigue after long-term use, improve work efficiency and protect hand health.

Subdivided application scenarios, precise positioning

  Art carving: For artists who pursue extreme details, the six-wheel knife is a powerful assistant in creation. Whether it is delicate pattern outline or complex shape shaping, it can be easily controlled.

  Industrial manufacturing: In the field of precision manufacturing, the six-wheel knife has become an important tool on the production line with its excellent cutting accuracy and stability, helping companies improve product quality and reduce costs.

  Home DIY: For friends who love handcrafts and enjoy the fun of DIY, the six-wheel knife, with its simple and easy-to-use and comprehensive functions, makes home renovation and handicraft production easier and more interesting.

Shanghai Ruili six-wheel cutter

  In this era of pursuit of perfection, the six-wheel knife has become a shining star in the cutting field with its brand concept of "ingenuity and unparalleled precision". It is not only a capable partner in your work, but also a fashionable item that improves the quality of life and shows your personality. Choosing a six-wheel knife means choosing a more efficient, accurate and comfortable cutting experience. Whether you are a professional craftsman or a life artist, the six-wheel knife can be your best partner to realize your creativity and pursue perfection. Own it now and start a new chapter of your precision cutting!

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