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July 01, 2024

  In the fast-paced life of modern society, an efficient, practical and beautiful tool is undoubtedly a powerful assistant to improve work efficiency. Today, we are going to introduce you to an innovative product that will surprise you – the transparent self-filling glass knife. This glass knife is not only unique in design, but also powerful, which will bring unprecedented convenience to your work and life.

First, Product features and advantages

1. Clear plastic pen body: This glass knife is made of transparent plastic, which is not only stylish and beautiful, but also allows you to see the balance of oil inside at a glance, which is convenient for timely replenishment.

2. Gold Cap and Silver Button: The golden cap contrasts sharply with the body of the pen, highlighting the noble temperament. The silver button on the cap makes it easy to open or close the cap for quick and easy operation.

3. Automatic Oiling System: The biggest highlight of this glass knife is its automatic oiling system. You don't need to worry about running out of fluid, as it automatically fills up with just one touch to ensure that the cutting process is always in tip-top shape.

4. Metal nib and black rubber pad: The hard metal nib ensures precise and fast cutting, while the black rubber pad at the bottom of the pen body effectively prevents sliding and protects the table top from scratches.

Second, Application scenarios

1. Glass processing industry: For the glass processing industry, an efficient and accurate glass knife is indispensable. With its unique design and powerful functions, the transparent automatic oil-filled glass knife can greatly improve the cutting efficiency, reduce the scrap rate, and create more value for the enterprise.

2. Home DIY enthusiasts: This glass knife is also a good choice for DIY enthusiasts who like to make home décor items with their hands. Whether you're cutting glass frames, vases, or other glass items, it handles it with ease and makes your creative process even more handy.

3. Teaching demonstration: The transparent self-filling glass knife is also suitable for teaching demonstration. Its unique transparent design allows students to intuitively understand the internal structure and working principle of glass knives, helping them better grasp relevant knowledge and skills.

Third, The advantages of Shanghai Ruili automatic oil-filled glass cutter

1. Fashionable and beautiful, leading the trend: The transparent automatic oil-filled glass knife has attracted the attention of many consumers with its fashionable and beautiful design. It's not just your right hand for work, it's a fashion piece that shows off your unique taste.

2. Efficient and practical, worry-free and labor-saving: The automatic oil filling system allows you to keep the best working condition anytime and anywhere without worrying about the problem of insufficient oil. At the same time, the metal nib and black rubber pad ensure that the cutting process is precise, fast and safe.

3. Suitable for various scenarios to meet your needs: Whether it is the glass processing industry, home DIY or teaching demonstration, the transparent automatic oil filling glass knife can easily cope with the needs of various scenarios. It will become an indispensable helper in your work and life.

  The transparent self-filling glass knife stands out in the market with its unique design and powerful features. It will be the best choice for you to improve your productivity and show your unique taste. Hurry up! Let the transparent automatic oil-filled glass knife bring more convenience and surprises to your work and life!


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