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June 30, 2024

The three-head suction cup is a commonly used tool that works on the principle of natural air pressure and is able to effectively achieve stable adsorption on various smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, stainless steel, etc.

How it works

The three-head suction cup creates a negative pressure environment between the bottom of the suction cup and the suction material by forming a low-pressure area inside it, thereby achieving stable adsorption. Its working principle mainly relies on the combination of natural air pressure and physical adsorption.

How to use:

1. Select the appropriate size: Make sure that the area of the selected suction cup is greater than or equal to the area of the suction object to ensure sufficient adsorption force.

2. Clean the surface: Clean the suction cup surface and the surface of the suction object to ensure that there is no oil, water stain or other impurities to improve the adsorption effect.

3. Compacting the suction cup: Press the three claws of the three-headed suction cup evenly on the suction object to ensure that the claws of the suction cup are tightly fit the surface of the suction object.

4. Check the gap: make sure that there is no air leakage gap between the suction cup and the suction object to ensure the stability of the adsorption.

5. Stable force application: During the adsorption process, avoid excessive force application or uneven force application to ensure that the suction power of the suction cup is stable and durable.


1. Material selection: Suction cups of different materials are suitable for different working environments and surface materials. For example, suction cups made of rubber are suitable for high-temperature environments, while suction cups made of silicone rubber are more suitable for products with rough surfaces.

2. Check in good condition: Check whether the suction cup and clamping device are in good condition before and after use to ensure safe operation.

3. Safe operation: During use, make sure that the suction cup has been firmly adsorbed on the suction object before moving or operating to avoid accidental falling off.


Unique selling point 1: Balanced adsorption at three ends, stable as a rock

The three-head suction cup adopts a unique three-head balanced design, and each suction head can be adsorbed independently to form a stable triangular support structure. This design not only enhances the adsorption force of the suction cup, but also makes the adsorption more uniform, effectively avoiding the unstable factors caused by single-point adsorption. Whether it's smooth glass or tile, or rough wood or stone surfaces, the three-head suction cups are firmly attached and rock-secure, keeping your belongings safe and secure at all times.

Unique selling point 2: fast adsorption, easy release

The three-head suction cup adopts advanced rapid adsorption technology, which can achieve fast and stable adsorption with just one touch. At the same time, through simple operation, the suction cup can be easily released, which is convenient and fast. This design not only saves you valuable time, but also makes it easier for you to change positions or remove items.

Unique selling point 3: super load-bearing, safe and reliable

The three-head suction cups have been rigorously tested for their weight capacity. It can easily withstand a variety of weight items, whether it is a spice bottle in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, or decorative paintings and plants in the living room, it can be fixed safely and stably. You don't need to worry about items slipping or tipping, and you can truly achieve a safe and reliable adsorption effect.

With its unique design concept and powerful practical functions, the three-head suction cup brings convenience and surprises to your life. Let this amazing product become a powerful assistant in your life, and make your life better and safer!

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