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June 20, 2024
  The automatic oil filling glass cutter is a tool specially designed for glass cutting, which combines the working principle of the traditional glass knife and the automatic oil filling technology to make the glass cutting process smoother and more efficient. The following is a detailed introduction about the automatic oil-filled glass knife:


First, the working principle

The working principle of an automatic oil-filled glass knife is based on the following key steps:

  Blade design: The blade of the automatic oil-filled glass knife is usually made of a high-hardness glass material, such as industrial borosilicate glass, which has a high hardness and can keep the blade sharp.

  Oiling mechanism: During the cutting process, the automatic oiler will flow down the oil through the oiler at regular intervals and infiltrate it onto the scoring wheel, making the cutting smoother. This design reduces the steps of manual oil brushing and improves work efficiency.

  Cutting process: When the glass knife comes into contact with the glass being cut, the edge on the blade begins to form a tiny cutting area with the glass surface. By applying the right amount of force and motion, the blade creates a stress concentration in the cutting area of the glass surface, causing the bonds between atoms and molecules near the glass surface to break, resulting in the formation of cracks in the glass. These cracks gradually propagate and extend into the interior of the glass, eventually leading to cutting.

Second, product features

  Automatic oil filling: The biggest feature of the automatic oil filling glass knife is its automatic oil filling mechanism, which can automatically provide enough lubricating oil for the scoring wheel during the cutting process, making the cutting more smooth and efficient.

  High efficiency: Due to the reduction of manual oil brushing steps, the automatic oil-filled glass knife can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the working time and labor costs.

  High precision: Due to the sharpness of the blade and the role of the automatic oil filling mechanism, the automatic oil filling glass knife can achieve high-precision cutting and ensure the cutting quality.

  Safety: The automatic oil-filled glass knife is designed with a metal handle, etc., which increases the durability and stability of the product, and at the same time avoids the safety accident caused by improper operation during the cutting process.

3. Precautions for use

  Check that the blade is sharp and that the oiler is working properly before use.

  Maintain proper force and speed during the cutting process to avoid cutting too hard or too fast that may cause damage to the blade or break the glass.

  After the cutting is completed, please clean the oil stains and glass chips on the scoring wheel and oil injector in time to ensure the performance of the next use.

  In a word, the automatic oiling glass knife is an efficient, high-precision and safe glass cutting tool, and its automatic oiling mechanism makes the cutting process smoother and more efficient, reducing the tedious and potential safety hazards of manual operation.

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