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June 13, 2024

  The diamond wheel dressing pen, also known as a diamond pen or diamond wheel dresser, is a specialized tool used for dressing grinding wheels. Here is a detailed overview of the diamond wheel dressing pen in English:


  The diamond wheel dressing pen is a novel tool for dressing grinding wheels, consisting primarily of diamond and a handle. The working part, referred to as the nib, is made of natural diamond or synthetic diamond. Its shape resembles a "pen," thus often referred to as a "diamond pen" in the industry.

Main Function

  The main purpose of the diamond wheel dressing pen is to eliminate wear and unevenness on the surface of the grinding wheel, restoring it to a smooth and uniform state. As the grinding wheel is used, it undergoes wear and deformation, affecting the machining accuracy. Therefore, the diamond wheel dressing pen plays a crucial role in restoring the original shape of the grinding wheel, improving machining precision and efficiency.

Manufacturing Process

  The diamond pen's manufacturing process involves positioning diamonds onto the handle using powder metallurgy methods. The appearance is aesthetically pleasing with a reasonable structure. Diamond pens are categorized into single-particle and multi-particle types, with each type corresponding to specific grinding wheel dressing requirements.


  The diamond wheel dressing pen is characterized by its wear resistance and high dressing efficiency. As the grinding wheel rotates, the nib comes into contact with the wheel, creating a grinding effect. Due to the extreme hardness of diamond, it can flatten the irregular surface of the nib, restoring it to its original state.

Usage Considerations

1.Tilt the nib at a certain angle towards the grinding wheel for dressing.

2.When selecting a grinding wheel dressing tool, it is essential to know the parameters of the grinding wheel to determine the appropriate diamond pen specifications.

3.If issues such as poor wear resistance, diamond particle detachment, or inconvenience arise during use, it is necessary to analyze the reasons and seek expert advice if necessary.

4.As friction occurs between the grinding wheel and the dressing tool, it is essential to ensure proper cooling.

Measurement Standards

The old standard for diamond pens classifies them based on diamond arrangement and structure, such as the L series indicating a chain-like diamond distribution, the C series indicating a layered distribution, the P series indicating a row-like distribution, and the F series indicating a powdered distribution. However, there is currently no new unified standard.

Market Situation

There are various brands and models of diamond wheel dressing pens available in the market, with prices varying according to brand, specifications, and performance. Buyers can choose based on their actual needs and budget.

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